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The Lärm Fanzine contains a selection of 11 texts, elegantly curated and put together with surreal illustrations and distinctive black and white images. The zine is a collaborative effort, focusing on the individual perspective of the authors on recommended creations of Cluster, Robert Turman, David Lynch, Gregg Araki, Alejandro Jodorowsky and Voivod, just to name a few. With a spotlight outside of the superficially perceived and obvious, Lärm enters the terrain of metaphysical and psychological thought topics; the selected photographies from the archives of Benedikt Eiden, as well as the illustrations of Antonio Vitolo act as a gateway to said macrocosm or terrain. Lärm Fanzine is a project of passion and a tribute to creative vision.

Paperback/Soft cover
Measures 122×200 mm
Printed on 100g wood free, age resistant Munken Lynx paper
Silver letterpressing on cover

Limited to 235 hand-numbered copies.

Release: 01.09.2020



Lärm Fanzine Wholesale

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The first edition of the Lärm Fanzine

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 12.2 × 20.0 cm

100g/m² Munken Lynx white


10, 20, 5

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